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Colin Powell

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Andy Warhol

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Harold S. Geneen

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Zig Ziglar

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Steve Jobs


Mahesh Carpets has been an leader since the inception of Indian rug industry. The company was established in 1976 by Ram Kumar Maheshwari & Deepak Kumar Maheshwari when Indian handmade carpet industry was at a nascent stage of charming the world with its breathtaking intricate designs & patterns. The richness of the fabrics has been unmatched and long lasting. At Mahesh Carpets, we manufacture exotic handmade Tufted and Knotted carpets in wool & silk variety. We also manufacture Durries, Nepalese, Shaggy and Handloom carpets in unique patterns and unprecedented quality.


The Creative Durry collection is a mix of both vertical and horizontal panja looms which has an essence of modern art in it. The colors and the textures of the rugs has helped us gain a position in the industry which is unmatchable.


Made on the indo-Tibetan weave, Cari collection is inspired by the modern art. Supremely rich quality fibers are used to make the rugs in 60, 80 or 100 lines. The finishing process plays a vital role in making our carpets different from others with similar quality. A high & low effect is created which gives the rug a sense of handmade. 50% Wool and 50% Rayon.


A versatile, neutral palette softens geometric motifs to create a streamlined update of a traditional design. The rug is masterfully knotted by hand from pure wool, linen & rayon and then sheared to a low, uneven pile that echoes the look of vintage carpets. The washing technique of the carpets helps us to stand out from the clutter and the mix of yarns helps us to attract our customers by displaying the versatility of the colors.


Made on the flatweave panja loom, Kalis collection offers the comfort and luxury of pile rugs at an affordable price. The uniqueness in designs and patterns has made Kalis collection as one of our hot sellers in the carpet industry.


Made on the hand-knotted loom, Kelvin collection works as a statement in the hand knotted category. Blended yarns impart an indulgent feel and a subtle sheen whereas the pile is sheered lower than usual to provide a much flatter perspective in depicting the variation of colors. We use Rayon, Wool & Cotton in different percentage for each rug to get the unique look in each of them.


Meticulously handwoven on a Jacquard loom, the Sea-Saw collection features an angular lattice softened by finely rendered blossoms and buds. A mix of textures updates the vintage motif, pairing a looped wool ground rich in striated texture with sheared viscose for subtle height and luster.


Made with lustrous yarn, our vintage collection enchants a texture which is unprecedented. A fine mix of loop & cut give the rug a unique texture which adds value to the quality & durability of the carpet. Vintage collection is made with the most eco-friendly man-made fiber known as Lyocell. 80% Art Silk & 20% cotton.


Rows of sumptuous silk in cut and high-mountain wool in loop creates an extraordinary union of natural softness, textural depth and understated luster. Woven on a handloom, our rugs depicts the play of colors that we use to create a texture. 50% Wool & 50% Lyocel


Made on the Panja loom, Celsius Collection is one of our latest developments for the affordable market. The similarity that it shares with Hand Knotted, is what that makes it attractive. It is steady when placed on the ground & is tough for an individual to categorize it under Dhurry unless informed. We have been making this collection in Bamboo and in Recycled Rayon.


Made on the Jaquard loom, lanky is the thinnest form of carpets that are available in the rug market – this makes the rug very convenient to be removed from one place and placed at another place.


Made on the hand woven loom, Thar Collection depicts the subtle variation of colors which is achieved by using un-dyed natural color wool blended with viscose. Slightly uneven binding on the sides compliments the casual, handcrafted character. 80% Natural Wool & 20% Cotton.